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Presenting a Special Guest: Michael Fedison, author of The Eye-Dancers

Michael Fedison is a native of new York and author of the YA thriller, The Eye-Dancersan adventure novel about four young boys who are called into another dimension to rescue a missing girl. To see my original review, click here:

You can also check out The Eye-Dancers here: It has been mainly well-received, and for good reason. It is a very well written novel, with a fantastic plot line, well-developed characters, plenty of twists and turns, and just the right amount of humor. Although it is targeted to middle-schoolers (the protagonists are rising seventh-graders), this is a novel that I believe readers of all ages will enjoy.

Here is the official blurb:
Seventh-grader Mitchell Brant and three of his classmates inexplicably wake up at the back edge of a softball field to the sounds of a game, the cheering of the crowd. None of them remembers coming here. And as they soon learn, “here” is like no place they’ve ever seen. Cars resemble antiques from the 1950s. There are no cell phones, no PCs. Even the spelling of words is slightly off.
A compulsive liar, constantly telling fantastic stories to garner attention and approval, Mitchell can only wish this were just one more of his tall tales. But it isn’t. It’s all too real. Together, as they confront unexpected and life-threatening dangers, Mitchell and his friends must overcome their bickering and insecurities to learn what happened, where they are, and how to get back home.
The answers can be found only in the mysterious little girl with the blue, hypnotic eyes. The one they had each dreamed of three nights in a row before arriving here. She is their only hope. And, as they eventually discover, they are her only hope.
And time is running out.
I wanted to learn more about what inspired the novel and some of the background that went it its creation, so the author agreed to an interview:
Interview with Michael Fedison
1. What made you want to be a writer?
You know, I actually believe this is the other way around–I don’t believe I wanted to be a writer so much as the writing chose me.  Ever since I can remember, I have felt a need to capture something–my perspectives of the world, of nature, of relationships, of reality–and put it down on the page.  I believe the need to express yourself via the written word is innate, inborn, something you are called to do.
2. What inspired you to write The Eye-Dancers?
Several things!  First and foremost, when I was in high school, I had a dream one night.  It wasn’t the sort of dream you forget or brush aside.  It stayed with me for years.
In the dream, I felt compelled to look out my bedroom window.  When I did, there was a girl out in the street–perhaps seven or eight years old.  What was she doing out in the street at night, alone and unsupervised?  But those questions seemed unimportant when I noticed the light of the streetlamp filtering straight through her, as if she were only partly there–more spirit and ghost than flesh-and-blood girl.
She beckoned for me to come outside, and I knew, knew, that she intended to take me somewhere, lead me somewhere–perhaps to a place from which there was no return.
I woke up then, the bedsheets a mess, kicked aside, my skin slick with sweat.   After gaining my composure (I was shaken up–it was such a vivid dream), I immediately jotted down some notes about the dream–little details I didn’t want to forget.  Even that night, I felt a need to write about this “ghost girl” of my nightmares, to revolve a story around her, somehow.
The trouble was, I didn’t know how.  I tried writing a short story with the dream sequence in it, and it fell flat.  I attempted another story and then another, and then another–still, nothing seemed right.  Frustrated, I decided to file the “ghost girl” away in a mental vault of ideas, hopefully to be mined later.  At the time, little did I know just how much later “later” would be.
Fast-forward two decades, to 2009, and I had the same dream.  Unasked for, unplanned–out of the blue, out of my past . . .  Only this time, when I woke up the next morning, I had the germ of an idea, and I knew–this was the one.  This was the “ghost girl’s” story.  The dream sequence meshed with other ideas, interests, passions of mine (coming of age, childhood, friendship, discovery, comic books, parallel worlds, exploring the very concept of what we term “reality”), and eventually I had a full-blown novel to write.  It was exhilarating.
3.  What attracted you to the YA genre?
Actually, I write in many genres.  I’ve written several novels (though The Eye-Dancers is currently the only one seeing the light of day!) and many short stories, which encompass several genres–mainstream, literary, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, historical . . .  I enjoy the YA genre, too, primarily because of the coming-of-age aspect, something we can all relate to and remember, no matter what our age.  Also, there is something special about the friendships we form in childhood.  The Eye-Dancers explores these themes, along with others.
4.  How long did it take to complete The Eye-Dancers?
The first draft took over two years to write, and, start to finish, including the editing stage and rewriting stage, the book took nearly three years to complete.
5. Is your final product different than the original idea you had for the book, or are they roughly the same?
That’s a great question, and the answer is–a little of both!  When I started, I had a broad, general idea of the story and where I wanted it to go.  However, when I begin a novel, I don’t do an outline and try not to pin myself down with any specifics.  The reason for that is, as I write a long piece of fiction, the characters will eventually surprise me with some of the things they say and do.  I never want to restrict their growth and development.  There were many times over the course of the writing process where things turned out differently than I originally would have thought.  That’s one of the joys and mysteries of the creative journey.
6. What genre of literature do you prefer to read?
Any and all!  I love to read–fiction, nonfiction, you name it.  Put a book in front me, chances are good that I’ll read it!
7. In The Eye-Dancers, one of your protagonists is dealing with the stress of his parents’ marital conflict. Do you think a lot of kids his age could identify with him? How about the character who is overshadowed by his more popular older brother? Or the unpopular only child?
I hope so!  One of the aspects of The Eye-Dancers that I hope resonates with younger readers, readers around the same age as the protagonists in the novel, is the relatability of the main characters.  I hope young readers will empathize with the characters in the book, and perhaps see some of themselves–their own struggles, confusions, thoughts, feelings–in Mitchell Brant, Joe Marma, Ryan Swinton, and Marc Kuslanski.
8. The Eye-Dancers does a great job of exploring the Butterfly Effect and the theory of multiple universes. What are your beliefs on these theories?
I believe everything is connected, even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant of things.  I also believe, as Mitchell himself points out at the end of the novel, that people, places, events that seem so far away, a universe away, are, in actuality much closer to us than we ever dared to think.
9. Your protagonists travel to an alternate universe in a very unusual way. What gave you that idea?
I would say it stemmed from that old dream I had, back in high school–the one that served as the impetus for the novel.  In my dream, much as with Mitchell’s to begin the novel, the “ghost girl” had blue, swirling eyes.  I suppose the thought just came to me–suppose those eyes were far more than “just” eyes; suppose they were pathways to a faraway place on the other side of reality . . .
10. Three of the four “eye-dancers” has one sibling. Sibling relationships are also an important recurring theme in The Eye-Dancers. Do you have siblings? If so, did you base any of your characters on them?
I do!  I have an older sister and two older brothers.  I didn’t consciously model any of the sibling relationships in The Eye-Dancers on my relationship with my siblings, but, as with anything with creative writing, sometimes aspects of our lives, nuances, points of view, bleed into our fiction almost without our being aware of it.
11. Is Bedford based on your own hometown or a different town?
It’s actually an amalgamation of several of the places I’ve lived.  I grew up in western New York State, which is where The Eye-Dancersis set.  So–Mitchell’s house is modeled after the house where I grew up.  Bedford itself is modeled after an Erie Canal town where I lived later on, and so on and so forth.
12. Based on the conversation and banter among the protagonists, I get the impression that you work, volunteer, or in some way spend time with that age group. Are my impressions correct, or is the conversation just based on memories of your own childhood?
Thank you!  That is very good to hear.  Actually, I don’t spend that much time with junior-high kids these days.  The banter in The Eye-Dancers stems from my memories.  The characters of Mitchell, Joe, Ryan, and Marc are all inspired by friends I knew growing up.  We had a lot of playful arguments and conversations back in the day.  I had much of it stored away in my mind, and it was a joy to let it out in the novel!
13. One of your protagonists often makes up wild stories as a way to get attention. Is the group’s adventure symbolic of Mitchell’s “escape into fantasy?”
In this case, I don’t think so–at least not intentionally, though it’s fantastic that readers would consider that.  Mitchell’s wild stories are nothing more and nothing less than an extension of his character, manifestations of a deep-rooted insecurity and a gnawing, pervasive feeling that he isn’t good enough the way he actually is.  It is one of the major stumbling blocks he must overcome over the course of the novel.
14. Another protagonist has an almost supernatural way of communicating with dogs, a symbol of loyalty. Was this intentional on your part?
It was.  Joe can be acerbic, and not everyone likes him!  But his love of dogs, his desire to protect the innocent and the weak are traits that show, beneath his bravado and propensity to throw a punch before thinking things through, Joe is a very loyal person who always has his friends’ backs.
15. Monica Tisdale calls to Mitchell and his friends and explains that they are the only ones who can hear her? Do you care to explain why these boys were chosen?
That is one of the mysteries of the novel, something Mitchell himself questions at the end.  There really isn’t a hard-and-fast answer to the question.  In some ways, the question can best be “answered” with another question!  What is it that can, inexplicably, cause two people, or a small group of people, to be psychically linked, even over great distances?  The answer is a mystery, elusive, like trying to grab a handful of a flower-scented breeze–but just asking the question, acknowledging and appreciating the mystery is, in itself, a kind of answer . . .
16. The four boys experience a lot of culture shock when they quite literally travel to another world. Have you ever traveled somewhere different and experienced culture shock?
That’s a great observation, and I am hoping it’s one of the things that will resonate with readers.  The journey to another world in The Eye-Dancers is more extreme than anything we could ever experience, of course, and yet–we all, over the course of our lives, travel to “other worlds.”  Remember your first day of junior high?  Talk about a parallel universe!  Or the first day on a new job?  Or moving to a new state or country?  There are so many things . . .  Hopefully each reader will be able to relate to the feeling.
17. I love the cover. Who designed it?
A lifelong friend, Matt Gaston–who does fantastic work.  Matt, who I’ve known since I was eight years old, also served as the inspiration for one of the supporting characters in the novel!
18. Does your family support your writing career?
They do!  They always have, and for that I am very grateful.
19. Are you currently working on anything? If so, can you give us a hint to what it’s about?
I am working on the sequel to The Eye-Dancers!  Five years have passed between the end of the first book and the beginning of the second, which gives it a different flavor.  The protagonists in The Eye-Dancers are seventh graders.  In the sequel, they are about to enter their senior year of high school.  And Monica Tisdale is featured more in this book–she becomes one of the POV characters herself.  And is she ever in a bind!
20. Any other thoughts you feel like sharing?
I would just encourage anyone who wants to write to pursue the subjects, ideas, themes, and characters that resonate for them.  Don’t write for “the market.”  Don’t try to mimic what’s “hot” or in vogue.  Write from the heart.  Let out the stories that are kicking and screaming within, that demand to be written.  Write your stories, in your voice.  Your readers will be glad you did.

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Presenting Some Special Guests-Jen Winters and Yuruch

Hello, everyone. This is my friend, Jen Winters. She is the author of the Guardians series. In addition to being an accomplished author, she is also a married mother of two and co-admin for Author Promo Co-Op. She works very hard to keep a balanced life, which includes reading, writing, parenting, and promoting other authors! Let me tell you a bit about her books:

Kissing Demons is Book 1 of the series. Narrated by the kick-ass Guardian Geneva Archer, who, upon her natural death, was appointed by God the task of cleansing people’s auras when they are affected by evil and protecting the world from demonic attacks. One evening, she decided to have a drink at a hideaway bar for supernaturals, where she meets her soulmate, Alex Wolfe. The two begin a hot, steamy relationship. Unfortunately, Alex is the son of the demon Yuruch, who has been a thorn in Geneva’s side since she first became a Guardian. When Yuruch calls together Alex and his other children to assist him in a mission of mass destruction, Alex is powerless to disobey his father’s command. Geneva, of course, is pissed to no end! She, along with her trustworthy team, must come up with a plan to outsmart Yuruch so she can have Alex back and hopefully save as many lives as possible.
Kissing the Rain is a novelette that tells the story from Alex’s point of view. He lives a peaceful existence as a math teacher in a secluded school for halflings in France. When his father, the demon Yuruch, calls him to Texas for a mission of destruction, Alex resentfully obeys. Trying to avoid facing his father for as long as possible, Alex hides out in the Hunter’s Moon, a hideaway lounge for supernaturals. It is there he meets a beautiful, redheaded Guardian that he knows immediately is his intended soulmate.
Fallen Angels is Book 2 of the Guardians series. Narrated by the brooding, workaholic fallen angel Ambrose, he tells the story of his fall from Heaven, his despair at having no mission or purpose, and his serendipitous encounter with the demon Yuruch, with whom he enters into a covenant for mutual protection. Over the millennia, Ambrose and Yuruch form an eternal, unbreakable bond, and although Ambrose finds him insufferable at times, he would give his very life for his best friend and constant companion. Ambrose, through his friendships with Yuruch and his romance with Guardian Lavinia, learns a lesson about fate and destiny that frees him from a long lifetime nihilistic melancholy.
Here is the link to Jen’s Amazon author page:
Now, what is the common link between the three stories? Here he is:
This is Yuruch, the delightfully evil demon that you just can’t help but love! I wanted to get his side of the story and to learn more about what makes him tick, so he agreed to an interview:
Interview with Yuruch
J: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me today. And congratulations on the upcoming birth of your grandson. I think Geneva and Alex are going to make wonderful parents. I have some questions for you, but please feel free to skip any that you feel are inappropriate or would give away too much of your top-secret plans (not trying to incur the wrath of Hell here…)
Y: Thank you for thinking of me! I rarely get the opportunity to get my voice heard. People are so involved with my son and my brother that I never get a word in edgewise!
J: Sounds frustrating! What was your job as a “machine” under the Divine Will?
Y: Oh, I did a little of this and a little of that, but mainly I was in charge of delivering souls to creatures in need of them. I can tell you it was an ok job, but it seems to me that I could do better with fewer directives and more imagination.
J: Of course. Something all of us with monotonous jobs can relate to. So why did you choose to fight on Lucifer’s side?
Y: I wanted more freedom to be who I thought I should be. Lucifer offered me that chance. Unfortunately, he then changed his mind and tried to enslave me as much as the Other one did.
J: But you seem to despise Lucifer. Do you wish you had chosen differently? Or, were there any choices that were acceptable to you?
Y: If you knew what went on in Hell you wouldn’t like Lucifer either. He’s quite self-involved and the power he has is what had been given to him by others. I am disinterested in giving him what he hasn’t earned. The moment we all got souls, his deceptions became evident to me. I lost my power and my connection to the Creator because he lied to me. I may despise the Creator, but at least He has never lied to me. Lucifer deceived us all and apparently I am the only  demon that noticed. I will fight Lucifer until the end of time for breaking me with lies.
J: Sounds like a daunting task! Can you tell us what Lucifer and Hell are like? I’d rather hear it from you than experience it firsthand.
Y: The only power Lucifer has over Hell is what has been afforded him by the demons there. I hate to break it to you, but Hell isn’t for your kind, so you don’t have to even consider the possibility of ending up there yourself. There are places for your kind, but Hell is not one of them. Hell itself isn’t so bad, really. It’s the company that gives the place its reputation. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Fires of Hell, right? Myth. Sort of. The fires of hell refer to the fiery pain inflicted by the fiery swords of the angels. There are certainly many demons who are on fire for eternity in hell, but it’s not because Hell itself is on fire. They are the demons stupid enough to follow Lucifer into battle and lose.
J: I wish someone would say that to all those so-called “Christians” who are constantly screaming “You’ll burn in Hell!” Not very Christian-like at all in my opinion. But I digress. Do you have any theories on why the Creator gave you and Ambrose (and presumably, other demons and fallens) the ability to procreate, knowing that the offspring would be abominations and predestined to eternal damnation?
Y: Well, Ambrose thinks that way about our offspring, but I happen to think that if I wasn’t supposed to have kids, I wouldn’t be able to.  I don’t believe in predestination. I was given a soul and I am a free agent; my ability to choose is vital to the point of this universe. Alex maybe half demon and all werewolf, but as we all know, he is good to the core. I don’t know where I went wrong with that one.
J: Yeah, I do get the distinct impression that fatherhood isn’t Ambrose’s cup of tea. I know you’re not exactly thrilled that your arch-nemesis, Geneva Archer, is about to be your daughter-in-law. However, there are times when you seem to genuinely respect and admire her. I would like to hear more about Geneva from your perspective.
Y: Ah Geneva–she is a beauty, isn’t she? I am actually quite proud of Alex for that one! Who knew my genes would become the son of a Guardian? I wouldn’t say she is my arch-nemesis. I think I have proven to be my own worst enemy, haha; but she has been quite meddlesome, hasn’t she? I’d like to think that given time to get to know me, she would actually enjoy my company. Though, now that I am thinking about it, she reminds me of Eve. Now that woman scares me! I think given a few thousand years under her belt, Geneva could very well become the next Eve. She’s already set up for it being the mother of my grandson.
J: Learn to cook enchiladas. I think that will win her over ;). I’m curious: Why, of all places, did you choose Fort Worth, Texas?
Y:  *evil laughter* I chose Fort Worth because it was an easy target. All those humans milling about, complacent toward terrorism because they had never experienced anything so traumatizing as Chicago had. Ten years and they had forgotten what it was like to lose a limb. I reminded them. It was also helpful that the most powerful werewolf pack and the most powerful vampire coven were there. I had been sprinkling my genes into both of those lines since their inception and I was able to use the pack and the vampires to set off the bombs. Suicide bombers who couldn’t tell me no. It was a perfect plan.
J: That makes sense. And although I can’t say I agree with the taking of innocent lives, you do have a point about people becoming overly complacent. Now, let me ask you about Ambrose. You two are like night and day. Whereas you are excitable and impulsive, he is mainly an over-serious workaholic (unless you give him an Xbox, and then nothing gets accomplished). The flip side to that coin is that you two complement each other in a lot of ways, and he has expressed deep feelings for you. However, he never tires of telling anyone who will listen what a royal pain-in-the-behind you are to him at time, and I’m sure you think the same of him. The Covenant aside, how would you describe your longstanding, mutually beneficial partnership with Ambrose?
Y: I trust Ambrose with my life. I have to–he sustains it. But beyond that, he is a good guy. Sulky sure, and he holds on to his misery like no one I have ever met, but he’s good. He treats me as well as I can expect and he respects me as his brother. I don’t know anyone who sees me for who I am not just what I am. Yes, I am a demon and yes I do eveil things, but that’s all everyone except Ambrose sees. Ambrose sees me differently–maybe through some rose tinted glasses at times, but always as his brother first. And while it may seem odd coming from a demon, I love that guy too. Hes my only friend in the universe and I would do anything for him. Anything. I would save the immortal representation of Divine love for Ambrose. The only thing I have ever regretted in my life was disappointing Amrbose. I’d do anything to make it up to him.
J: It’s so rare to find a loyal friend. You have been blessed to have found Ambrose. What was it about Ambrose that made you decide he would be a good partner and companion?
Y: I spent quite a lot of time listening to the screams of the demons that Ambrose sent back to Hell, gift-wrapped for Lucifer. When Lucifer sent me after him, I knew that my time as second in command was at an end. Lucifer never wanted Ambrose dead, he wanted Ambrose to do his dirty work. When I became that dirty work–well, let’s just say I was a bit angry about that. Ambrose was an accident, but a good one nonetheless for me. Making that deal was the best thing I have ever done–even if Ambrose regrets it.
J: It’s pretty clear that Lucifer underestimated you both. What do think of Ambrose’s budding romance with Lavinia? What advice would you give him as a friend? Please note that it’s a little too late to tell him to go buy a pack of Trojans…
Y: HAHAHAHAHA!! When condoms came out, Ambrose tried them and found out too quickly that they didn’t work for him at all! Fortunately for him, the woman he got pregnant died shortly after in a freak accident. I had nothing to do with it no matter what he tells you. I have always enjoyed his offspring and would have really loved to see what became of that one. Personally, I don’t go for the whole soul mate thing, but I can see that he loves her in his own way. I personally don’t know her well. I encountered  her once about five thousand years ago, but she didn’t know me from any other demon at the time and I haven’t been inclined to remind her that I was the one who got away. As for advice? I’ve never loved anyone like that. I have kept a cool distance from the mothers of my offspring. So, I guess I should tell him not to screw it up! He’s pretty committed though. He’s an all or nothing kind of person.
J: Um…well, my sources are telling me that there will be a great love in your future. We shall see. What, besides tormenting Guardians and devastating major metropolitan areas, are your favorite hobbies?
Y: I do so love seeing what my offspring can do. Unlike Ambrose, I wait around for them to be born and I keep tabs on them. I also love to read and I have taken up the habit of journalling. I have journalled since the invention of papyrus. I have a whole shed of my life experiences hidden away (no I won’t tell you where). I also enjoy sports, especially the ones where balls are required. Tennis is fascinating. I find the human mind’s ability to invent games astonishing.
J: Can you tell me who’ll win the World Series this year? No? well, it was worth a shot…Anyhow, do you have a preference for any particular being’s “chi” or does it matter?
Y: By far, Ambrose is the best I’ve ever had. But throwing him out of the equation, I would say that the best I’ve ever had was this little thing in Ancient China. She was just a tiny thing, dying from starvation because she was  abandoned by her parents. I thought I would end the baby’s suffering and I took her chi away. It was perfect in every way. Not nearly as powerful as Ambrose’s, and it couldn’t sustain me for long, but it definitely tasted just as good as Ambrose’s.
J: So it’s true: you do have a soft side :DD. About your son Alex: he seems especially willful and defiant, more so than your other children. What kind of antics did he get into as a kid? Any humorous stories to share? Did you ever have to give him a fatherly butt-whipping (or at least thought he needed one?)
Y: This is the one time I wish I had kept better track of my offspring. After he was twelve, I didn’t see him. Before he was twelve, I didn’t worry about him. It turns out that I should have taken a more active interest in him. In order for him to be my avatar I had to place a special bond on him. Unlike his siblings, he couldn’t be called until I was absolutely sure he had overcome the halfling side of himself. I had to do a whole deadly and disgusting ritual just so that Alex would be able to eventually control his wild side. Then Stephan got a hold of him and, sure he learned control, but then he also learned to be utterly good. Do you even know how inconvenient it was having him fight me the entire time I had him? I honestly believe that if he had just given up and let me be, I wouldn’t be in the situation I am in now. I would be comfortably ruling world already.
J: Yeah, probably. I don’t think DFACS comes after the supernatural, so maybe a little more discipline (your way) was in order. But despite being classified as a demon, you seem to have a lot of good qualities (as mentioned previously), such as loyalty, helpfulness, and a tiny bit of compassion (don’t worry; we won’t tell Lucifer). Are we to understand that no one, be they demons, fallens, angels, Guardians, humans, vampires, or otherwise, is 100% evil or 100% good?
Y:  We weren’t made to be good or evil. We were given the choice. So yes, I suppose that we all have the potential for good and evil in us–some of us lean more toward one than the other. But we are all free agents and we do what we want. I don’t feel particularly evil. Sure I’ve done some pretty horrible things, but those were just a means to an end. My ends aren’t particularly nasty. Ambrose once pointed out that everything I do is either sticking it to the Creator or sticking it to Lucifer, and that’s true, but that’s not the ultimate end for me. What I want is to be free and safe from the ones who have been hunting me my whole life.
J: That’s understandable. Ambrose seems to have an incredible knack for bungling up his assignments. I can almost see you do that Patrick Stewart-style face-palm. The first one changed the course of human history in a profound way. Do you have any idea what became of the twins? We have met their well-known mother. And since we’re on the subject, any idea of what became of her gullible, costally-deficient husband?
Y: Well that one he almost couldn’t help making a mess of, haha. Well of course the older brother killed the younger, but he survived long enough to pass on his soullessness to his offspring. Actually, there are many like him. Plenty of my unfinished assignments became soulless creatures. If you look hard enough at some people you can see it. There are people alive today that don’t have souls. I spent some time recently searching out those soulless individuals; they make great employees. they don’t have any moral obligations keeping them from accomplishing their tasks and they can be quite easily manipulated. I have used the soulless to accomplish many things including getting them into seats of power around the world.

J: Heck, yeah! Just watch the news and you see soulless people every day. Soulless people. One of the most recent examples occurred in a church, where people go to worship the Creator. If that isn’t soullessness, I don’t now what is.Now, in a suspiciously short time, two of the supposedly infertile Guardians conceived. Do you consider this to be a bad sign for demons? I mean, the last time such a miraculous conception occurred, the resulting child (the Son of the Creator and an ordinary human woman), wielded tremendous power over demons, including the ability to send them directly back to Hell. I bet your demon brothers are still complaining about the humiliating experience of having to occupy swine bodies.

Y: evil laughter* oh that was HILARIOUS!! I couldn’t have done it better myself! As for the Guardians, this has happened once before that I can remember. However, that one chose to remain human and died at the end of her human life. Now that we have two Guardians pregnant with the children of my kind, I am very curious to discover what and who they are. I would never remind Ambrose that his child with Lavinia is up for grabs for me. I think he may never forgive me, but if she’s useful, I might take advantage of her powers.

J: Oh, I think you’d have an easier time fighting Lucifer himself than Ambrose over Lavinia and their child. He’s really attached to her, you know. Do you believe that you (and other demons, fallens, and angels), have any control over your own destiny? I believe you alluded to this a time or two in a conversation with Ambrose (Ambrose: I’m going to Hell anyways. It’s just a question of ‘when?’ You: “Oh, stop being such a Negative Ned and go get that witch pregnant!”)

Y: Ambrose is quite fatalistic, isn’t he? It’s part of his charm. Personally I do think that we control our own destinies. Yes, I know there is the whole Divine Plan and that can’t be thwarted, but outside of the overall plan, we make our own destinies and lives. No I am not convinced about the whole soul mate thing that Ambrose is on right now. Soul mates isn’t something I ever experienced before the fall and I certainly haven’t seen proof of it since. Guardians claim certain men are their soul mates, but I think that they are exaggerating the circumstances. I’ve managed to take many Guardians’ powers away from them and none of them lived long enough to think me their soul mate.

J: I’m not so sure about that. It seems to me that Geneva is quite determined, and whatever she sets her mind to is pretty much gonna happen!. Can you give us a hint for any of your future plans? The ones that Ambrose seems to think are all hare-brained, idiotic bids for attention? Perhaps a tsunami? A nuclear power plant explosion? Oooh, how about another Ice Age?(Note: this third idea is of particular interest to the interviewer. She lives in Georgia and it is currently summertime. She’s not sure if Hell itself is very much hotter).

Y: I like how you think! Ice Age! That’s a BRILLIANT idea! Unfortunately for me, I’ve been cursed. I don’t even know what is going to happen. Hopefully this whole judgement thing will be over quickly and I can get back to sticking it to the Creator and Lucifer. Hopefully…

J: I think with the folks you have on your side, you’ll be back in the swing of things before you know it. Now finally, any words for your REAL Creator and Master, Mrs. Jen Winters? Keep in mind that you are subject to Her whims and desires, and She can do as She wishes to you without any prior warning, and that includes unspeakable eternal torment. I’d speak kindly to Her if I were you.
Y: What I would like to know is, what in the hell were you thinking cursing me like that?! I could have gone on forever without losing all the best bits of me! How are you going to put me back together? And where am I going?
Jen: Oh, Yuruch, if I told you that you would never learn. Good luck in Norway! See you soon!
J: (whispers) She’s pretty merciful and kind hearted. I think she’s on your side. And just between you and me, I think she considers you her best work. (normal voice). Well, I do thank you for your time. And I hear you have some rough days ahead. Good luck with that and I wish you the best.

Well, folks, you’ve heard straight from the demon’s mouth. To read more about the adventures of Yuruch and his family and companions, click on Jen’s author page above, which will include links to all three books. Youcan also find Jen on Facebook (, Twitter (@JenWintersNE), and Goodreads ( (But as for Yuruch, well, I don’t think he’s going to have very much Internet access in the days ahead….)
I hope you enjoyed this character interview. Please reblog if you can. Thanks JW

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