Wednesday, June 17, 2015

About Author Promo Co-op

We want to help you get the word about about your awesome book!

Our motto: Cross-promotion works better than self-promotion.

Here at APC, we understand how difficult it can be for a new author to get his/her book front-and-center. There are a variety of ways we can help you. There is never a charge for our services but you are expected to "pay it forward" with cross-promotion. We also do a lot of author featuring. The following will be expected of you:

1. Participate in group events. We are located on Goodreads ( and Facebook ( This includes reading and reviewing the Books of the Month (of course, you are not expected to do all seven every month. If you can get one every two months, that will be good enough). You are also not expected to participate in every event, but if you wish to be featured, you must be an active member.

2. Spread the word about featured authors with tweets, shares, and posts on your own blog.

3. Follow us on Twitter @AuthorPromoCoop.
4. Serious authors and reviewers may also be granted authorship rights to this blog.

We work very closely with #indiebooksbeseen ( on Twitter). I am an active member and support their cause fully. Therefore, a lot of posts on this blog will be about their events.

If you need me, I can be reached at I also have an equivalent gmail address but I rarely check it. You can also follow me on Twitter @wrennovels. I follow back unless you are trying to sell followers or the content of your account is offensive.

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