Saturday, August 29, 2015

Darkness and Dragons (Tal'Avern Chronicles Volume 2) by Scott Borgman


The world of Tal’Avern is in turmoil. In the northern part of the Province, an open rebellion has raged for more than two years against Queen Salia, which began shortly after she assumed the throne. To the west, in the lands of Mar’Druk, the dwarves stay isolated within their mountain cities, wanting nothing to do with the problems that plague their once-close allies. And to the south, in the hot and desolate lands known as the Ashlands, something stirs and looks to the north with desires of war and conquest. Old friends will reunite, and new companions will join their cause as a harsh winter sets in. Time is growing short. When spring arrives, the Second Great War is certain to begin. The dwarves will need allies if they hope to survive, while Salia faces threats on two sides. Even the shadow realm falls under attack. A darkness is coming, and with it - dragons.

What Reviewers are saying: 

"Again a very well written book. There were shades of characters from Tolkins world, but they were defined in different ways. I have no more issue with that then all the authors who write about vampires, or shifters. They each have their own methods of making the characters their own, putting their own spin on the actions of all of them. Scot managed to make his characters unique to his story. Well done! I would recommend these books to anyone of any age, who enjoys fantasy. The books are geared towards adults, but are also OK for older children to enjoy."-Jane Elizabeth

"Things are happening that is weird. When the threat of war looming in the Ashlands is discovered & questions arise. And dragons, creatures of myth that are rumored to not exist anymore , fly in the skies again

Awesome books"-Paula G. 

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