Saturday, August 29, 2015

Province of a Thief (Tal' Avern Chronicles Book 1) by Scott Borgman


For as long as she can remember, Jaelyth has been a thief. And she's good. But when a successful job suddenly turns sour, the thief finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of events that forces her to flee the only city she's ever known in a desperate search for answers. Even the shadows that have always been her greatest ally will not help her. They hold the greatest danger of all. 

Along with an unlikely group of allies, the search for answers will take them from the only city Jaelyth has ever known to the far corners of the Province as they discover that things are not what they seem, and that there are more questions than answers.

What Reviewers are Saying: 

"In Province of a Thief, Scott Borgman takes us to a high fantasy world where magic is real, thieves and assassins have guilds and secret plots lurk in the shadows. The heroine, Jaelyth, is a master thief, the best in town. She can’t remember a time before she was a thief. She has mastered stealth and thieving skills to the point where she can see herself paying off the debt that keeps her working for the Thieves Den and “graduating” to possibly start her own Den in another city. But fate takes her life in a completely unexpected direction, and her missing memories turn out to be no accident.

The action in this book turns in unexpected directions and takes Jaelyth on a journey she (and this reader) couldn’t have imagined. I this being a good book for young adult readers too because it is classic sword and sorcery fantasy in the vein of Tolkien, T.H White and Tamora Pierce (rather than the noir kind of dark fantasy in the George R.R. Martin vein)."-Lynne Murry

"I honestly loved the story. The storyline was twisted (meaning I was unable to figure everything out in advance!) The development of the plot and characters was pretty much flawless. The descriptions throughout were very through, but not overdone. The movie played in my head as I was reading, which is great! I HIGHLY recommend the book."-Jane Elizabeth"

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